Ice Cream Machine – Donper USA D-150 with Bonus Value Bundle - It's Like Getting A Free Machine

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Soft Serve Ice Cream - Frozen Yogurt Machine – Donper USA D-150 Countertop with Bonus Value Bundle and Free Delivery in Canada (except for remote locations which may incur additional shipping fees)

Make This Machine Pay for Itself.  Get Your Bonus Value Bundle D-150: 

Buy this soft serve machine and get 2 cases of Frostline Vanilla Ice Cream Mix and 2 cases of Frostline Chocolate Ice Cream Mix FREE.  These four will cases will yield you 2712 x 4 oz cups.  If you sell it at an average price of CAD $2.99 per cup, you will earn (2712 cups x CAD $2.99 per cup) = You earn CAD $8108.88 Your machine pays for itself and then some! It's Like Getting A Free Machine plus profit.

Single flavor counter top machine to produce soft serve, gelato, yogurt, ice cream and other frozen desserts.  It also makes frozen drinks.

The Donper USA D150 is the smallest and lightest commercial soft serve machine in the world. With a simple, user friendly, and compact design, the D150 brings soft serve capability to any location. The D150 utilizes automatic consistency control for smooth and creamy product with every serving plus enjoy the additional feature of serving frozen beverages.

A compact countertop soft serve and frozen drink machine:

Perfect for all shops that have limited space. C-Stores, restaurants, coffee shops even for home use as you can easily serve delicious soft serve ice cream, soft serve gelato, frozen yogurt and other frozen treats for special events. At just above 90 lbs, it can be carried and moved easily.  Good for small gatherings and commercial concepts where demand will be spread evenly over time throughout the event or business hours.  It does not have the capacity to handle a huge spike in demand all at once since it takes time to recover after dispensing 8 consecutive servings.  Digitally controlled.  Gravity fed.  Air cooled.  The lightest soft serve machine available with a high standard of quality.  Easy to use and and easy to store and transport.

  • Self-contained air cooled countertop model
  • Smallest footprint in the industry for a commercial soft serve machine
  • Serves frozen yogurt, sorbet, custard, soft serve ice cream, gelato, and frozen slush products
  • Refrigerated hopper for faster recovery times
  • 14-18 minute typical freeze time to first dispense frozen product
  • Automatic consistency control for easy operation
  • Direct drive motor for reduced noise
  • Dishwasher safe components for easy cleaning

Machine Details:

This Donper D150 soft-serve machine is designed to be used with all types of soft-serve products.   What sets it apart is how small and light it is.  At just 90 lbs, it can be conveniently transported anywhere.  The machine is equipped with a 1.8 liter freezing cylinder and a 5 liter hopper.  The machine can dispense one flavor.  It is designed for light use so it is typical that after 8 consecutive servings, it will need to recover for 5 minutes before it will be ready to serve firm product again.  It can make about 60 cones per hour (about 11 liters).  This machine is an alternative for homes, dentist offices, food trucks, cafes and other areas of low demand.  Starting from room temperature, this machine takes about 15 minutes to freeze down to be ready to first dispense product.

  • 1.8 liter freezing cylinder
  • 5 liter mix hopper
  • 500W capacity motor
  • 1/3HP main compressor
  • Direct drive motor for reduced noise
  • Air cooled
  • Gravity fed
  • Refrigerated hopper
  • Lightest weight and smallest footprint for easy mobility

Reliability and Use Rating:

Residential – Light Commercial Duty – Low Capacity 


The warranty will be handled Donper USA.  The warranty is 1 year non-wearable parts only.  Wearable parts such as blades and o-rings are not covered under warranty. There is no labor warranty although any experienced refrigerator tech can work on this machine. 


This unit is single phase electrical and requires a dedicated electrical connection of 115V/60HZ/7Amps and comes with 1 cord and standard plug.  Have your electrician contact us prior to installation.  Installation costs are the sole responsibility of the customer and are not included in this offer.  Please consult the specification sheet for further installation information.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 8.75″
Depth: 26″
Height: 26″

Value Bundle D-150:

This bundle includes one (1) Donper D150 soft-serve machine and get 2 cases of Frostline Vanilla Ice Cream Mix and 2 cases of Frostline Chocolate Ice Cream Mix FREE.  These four will cases will yield you 2712 x 4 oz cups.  If you sell it at an average price of CAD $2.99 per cup, you will earn (2712 cups x CAD $2.99 per cup) = You earn CAD $8108.88 Your machine pays for itself and then some! 

Plus you get 2 Stera Sheen Food Safe tubes of lube, 8 x 2 oz packets of Stera Sheen Green Label sanitizer for machine cleaning, and our soft serve powder mixing bundle (mixing bucket, lid and piano whip)  as an additional free bonus! This machine bundle D-150 is a great way to add soft serve frozen desserts to your menu with minimal up front investment cost.


Lead Time:

Typical lead time once payment is received is approximately 15 business days.

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