Foodservice Training & Consulting

Get your formula for success in starting your own Food Business! 

Whether you're brand-new, semi-established, or are a full-fledged food business with multiple locations, Fun Foods Canada is your trusted partner for all your ingredients, equipment, packaging, and training and consulting needs. Our tailored solutions are designed to match your own unique vision and priorities.

Franchise-Level Training for Independent Entrepreneurs:

Our training mirrors the depth and quality of franchise training but is tailored for independent entrepreneurs. Let us transform your business model into a remarkable profit-generating machine. From mastering the art of crafting the finest food and beverages to implementing centralized ordering, ensuring product consistency, establishing corporate branding, maintaining quality control, and setting up a seamless workflow management system — we provide the tools you need to tap into the rapidly growing food business market with minimal hassle, risk, and investment.

Expertise you can trust! Our Services, Specialties, & Capabilities: 

Our services extend beyond ice cream shops — you can start your own Gelato Store, Frozen Yogurt Store, Bubble Tea Store, Coffee House, Food Truck, Pita Store, Shawarma Store, or any unique restaurant/cafe niche of your liking. Our expertise turns every space and idea into pure emotion.


  • Creating a business plan 
  • Business funding 
  • Location analysis 
  • Menu curation, recipe ideas, and pricing
  • Branding - Logo curation, slogan, colours, mission, vision
  • Marketing - Creating a marketing hype and buzz around your store
  • Interior design, store layout, and operation flow
  • Store build-out and construction
  • Custom printed packaging 


“Every challenge needs a solution—every solution needs a formula.”

  • Add soft serve ice cream to the menu (Soft serve startup program)
  • Add gelato to the menu
  • Add hard-scoop ice cream to the menu 
  • Add bubble tea to the menu 
  • Add smoothies to the menu 
  • Add milkshakes to the menu
  • Add frozen beverages, slushies, and/or granita to the menu 
  • Add cocktails to the menu
  • Add coffee or tea to the menu
  • Add lattes, frappes, and specialty beverages to the menu 

Turnkey Solutions:

"It's not about ideas, it's about making ideas happen."

  • Turnkey ice cream shop 
  • Turnkey bubble tea shop 
  • Turnkey gelato shop 
  • Turnkey smoothie/juice bar 
  • Turnkey coffee shop 
  • Turnkey food truck or ice cream truck

How it works:

We currently have a couple of options available for our training and consulting services: 

  • Over-the-phone business consultation (Initial consultation is $500 for 1 hour to learn about you, your business, your vision, and your goals. Additional 1 hour blocks are $120 each).
  • On-site training with our corporate trainer (Canada only - price varies by location - contact us for more details) 

Minimize Risks & Quadruple Profits: Avoid These 4 Common Mistakes!

(1) “Don’t make the mistake of going in alone and unprepared. Going in alone and unprepared is a recipe for disaster. You make one mistake and you are going to jeopardize the success of your entire business.”

(2) “Don’t make the mistake of buying an expensive franchise (and pay royalties for the rest of your life).”

(3) “Don’t make the mistake of spending tons of monies on bad layouts and designs that DON'T work. We give you proven layouts and designs from professionals with great track record.”

(4) “Don’t make the mistake of buying high-priced restaurant equipment. There is a better option. We show you how and Save You Tens of Thousands of Dollars. Guaranteed.”

The Grueling Reality: The National Restaurant Association suggests that only around 20% of restaurants achieve long-term success. Shockingly, approximately 60% face closure within their inaugural year, and a staggering 80% don't make it past the 5-year mark.

Transformation Awaits When You Choose Fun Foods Canada: More Money, More Freedom, More Enjoyment!

Experience makes the difference, and we're committed to being your partners every step of the way. From conceptualization to execution, training, and ongoing technical support, we're here to help you build a thriving food business. Whether you're launching a new store, refreshing your current brand, introducing a new menu item, or aiming for increased profitability, Fun Foods Canada's consulting, menu concepts, branding, training, design, premium ingredients, equipment, and build-out services serve as the catalyst for your success from day one.

Your timing and sense of urgency are the keys to your success in the food business. Take urgent and massive action. Contact us today with your food business vision and let us transform it into a reality!