Ice Cream Toppings

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    All Your Ice Cream Toppings in One Place 

    We make it easy for you to shop for all your ice cream toppings and sundae dessert bar toppings in one place. 

    We carry a large selection of: 

    Sundae Dessert Sauces & Syrups 

    Ready-to-use premium sundae dessert toppings by McLeans. Made in Canada with only the highest quality ingredients. Comes in convenient one litre bags and each case has five bags. 

    Dry Toppings & Mix-ins 

    View our collection of ready-to-use cookie crumbs, graham crackers, nuts, and more dry toppings meant for topping stations. 

    Hot Fudges 

    Hot fudge sundaes anyone? View our collection of hot fudge sauces, meant to be warmed up and served hot. The combination of cold ice cream and hot fudge creates an irresistible and classic treat served and enjoyed across the World. 

    Popping Boba

    Popping Boba aka froot bubbles or popping pearls, contains real fruit juice. It's a delicious and healthy variation in Boba which tastes great in bubble tea, smoothies, fruit drinks, ice cream and frozen yogurt and much more. Packed in a double box to ensure safe delivery across Canada. However, unfortunately for this item we are not responsible for any breakage in transit. 

    67 products
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