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    Cleaning and Sanitizing Supplies Canada

    Looking for cleaning and sanitizing products for your restaurant, cafe, office, warehouse and business in Canada?  Look no further as we have the latest cleaning and sanitizing related products.  We highly recommend Stera Sheen Green Label and Cafe Clean products for sanitizing all restaurant, cafe, ice cream, food trucks, food processing equipment in Canada.

    Cleaner Machines, Better Ice Cream
    Stera-Sheen Green Label works to both clean and sanitize the machine, as well as remove milkstone and other soils. Ensure a delicious product and minimize machine downtime in one simple procedure.

    Protect Your Customers
    Food safety is your number one priority, and we have the answer. Green Label will ensure you meet and exceed local, provincial and federal health agency standards, and most importantly helps keep everyone safe.

    Stera Sheen Green Label Products are Perfect for

    • Soft-Serve Ice Cream and Shake Machines
    • Batch Gelato and Ice Cream Freezers
    • Bubblers
    • Nitro Coffee Equipment
    • Beverage Dispensing Systems
    • Ice Cream and Smoothie Blenders
    • Granita and Frozen Drink Machines
    • Cappuccino Machines
    • Iced Tea Brewers and Dispensers
    • All Removable Parts and Utensils
    • Hard Surfaces, including Food Contact Surfaces
    • Ice Machines and Ice Storage Bins

    22 products
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