Ice Cream and Beverage Flavourings

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Ice Cream and Beverage Flavourings (And Food Colors Too!)

Large Selection of Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Frozen Desserts, Milkshakes, Slushies, Granita, Gelato, Sorbet, Shaved Ice, Snow Cones, Cocktails and all types of Beverage Flavors for your application and convenience.
Our collection of Ice Cream and Beverage Flavors for soft serve, hard ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato, milkshakes, smoothies, to flavor neutral slush mix, food and beverages, restaurants, cafes, baking, cooking, candy making will add a polished edge to your treats.  Over 98% of our flavors are dairy-free and vegan friendly.  You can use these flavors in both your dairy and non-dairy food and beverage application.

1. Flavor Fountain (Available in 32 oz. Bottles)
Use our premium shelf-stable flavors for soft-serve, frozen yogurt, hard ice cream, gelato, sherbet, milk shakes, Hawaiian shaved ice, and other frozen dairy and non-dairy recipes. We are proud to offer a wide selection of gluten-free, low-carb, no or low-sugar flavors in our 1-quart size and offer easy dispensing via 1 oz and 1/8 oz dispensing pumps for your convenience.

Flavor Fountain: Suggested Starting Usage Levels:
(We carry 1 oz and 1/8 dispensing pumps for 32 oz flavor bottles for easy pre-measured dispensing). Following is a general recipe.  Please increase or decrease the flavoring mix to suit your taste.

  • 1 oz. flavor to 1 gallon of ice cream, gelato, sorbet or yogurt base
  • 1/8 oz. (1 tsp.) flavor per 16 oz. of shakes or smoothies
  • 1/8 oz. (1 tsp.) flavor for use with single-serve flavoring systems
  • 4 oz. flavor to 1 gallon of neutral slush mix for creating awesome on-demand slush flavors (General guideline is 1 oz per 1 Litre of Neutral Slush mix) 
  • 4 oz. flavor to 1 gallon of simple syrup to create Shaved Ice, Snow Cone Syrups (General guideline is 1 oz per 1 Litre of Simply Syrup)

Top Selling Flavour Mixes in Canada 
Buy amazing flavors your customers will crave!  Top Selling Flavours for soft serve ice cream mix, frozen yogurt mix, hard ice cream, batch ice cream, gelato, sorbets, slush, granita, snow cones, shaved ice flavors, baking, wine making, cannabis, beer flavoring, cooking, baking and more!

Serve your customers top selling slushies, cocktails, lemonade and creamy granita mixes such as iced capps, frozen creamy chai, frozen creamy mocha, frozen creamy hot chocolate, frozen country vanilla, frozen english toffee nut, frozen mint chip, frozen java chip and more

Make unlimited slushie flavors on-demand using our premium Fountain Flavors with our liquid Neutral Slush Mix.  Simply use our Neutral Slush Mix and add any Flavor of your choice. No need to stock too many different slush mixes.  Just use our Neutral Slush Mix and the choice of your Fountain Flavor to serve unlimited slushie flavors on-demand OR try our premium pre-flavored 4 in 1 powder slush and granita mixes.

Want to make Shaved Ice, Snow Cone Flavors on demand?  No problem.  You can make tons of popular Shaved Ice Flavors with our concentrated flavor mixes.  Our Flavors are perfect for making your favorite Hawaiian Shaved Ice Snow Cone Syrups.   Our flavors are concentrated.  You only need 1 oz of our Concentrated Flavor to mix with 32 oz (1 Quart or 1 Liter) Simple Syrup.  You can tweak the flavor amount to suit your taste.  

In addition to the Flavor Fountain 32 oz bottles, we also carry

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