Super Strength Flavors for Baking, Frosting, Candy Making And More!

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    Super Strength Flavours Canada

    Concentrated Versatility.  A Little Goes A Long Way!   

    Often referred to as candy oils, LorAnn's Super Strength flavor line is unsweetened, gluten-free, nut-free, and low-carb. Our large offering of highly concentrated flavors are 3-4 times stronger than traditional extracts, and can be used in a variety of delicious ways.

    What is a Super Strength flavor?  

    Our super strength flavors are highly concentrated flavors designed to withstand the higher temperature demands of candy making, but can also be used to flavor just about anything including baked goods and frosting!  This type of concentrated flavor is also referred to as a candy oil, candy flavoring oil, or concentrated extract. Many of our super strength flavors are appropriate for use directly in chocolates, while other flavors are soluble in water.  Solubility is dependent on many factors. Read our statement about solubility to learn more.

    In addition to the Super Strength Flavors, we also carry Flavor Fountain 32 oz bottles

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    ***Try the smaller sizes for your application to see how you like it.  If you are happy and like to order in larger sizes such as 1 gallon jars, 5 gallon containers or larger bulk sizes, please email We are always happy to help!

    25 products
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