Co-Packaging and Custom Product Development

Fun Foods Canada offers Co-Packaging and Custom Product Development

Co Packing and Custom Product Development in Canada

We work closely with manufacturers that have dedicated a portion of their manufacturing capacity to the preparation, packaging and labeling of products that are developed jointly with our co-pack partners. From time to time an individual or company will create an exciting new recipe but prefers to outsource the production of the product. Our Co-Packaging services are well suited to step in and play this role by virtue of its processing expertise, its production capacity and its packaging and distribution know how. We can even assist our customers in their label development including Nutritional Fact Tables.

Additionally, drawing on its custom formulation experience, we are able to provide our co-pack partners with product development resources. The co-pack partner can then experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing their brand is in safe hands and the proprietary nature and confidentiality of their recipes and formulas are safeguarded. At the same time, they are relieved of the stress and anxiety that often accompanies the manufacturing process and are then free to focus on marketing, brand management and product development.

Are you looking for a custom-made product to meet your needs? Lets work together for Custom development to meet your requirements. Recipes tested and ready to be used. New product development from target to sample within a few weeks.

You name it, we can do it!
Trans fat free
No flavour enhancers
Clean label
Low or reduced in sodium
Duplication of “scratch” recipes
Dry Blending and Packaging
Exotic ingredients (i.e. galangal, lemongrass, garam masala, and more)
And many other possibilities!

Through our partnerships we can deliver approximately 80 different products through distribution agreements with most of the leading Canadian food service companies including Gordon Food Service, SYSCO Food Services, Stewart Food Service, Bakemark Ingredients, Flanagan Food Service and Summit Distribution. Through these distributors, top selling products can be found in a variety of prominent restaurant chains such as Boston Pizza, Mr. Greek, Shoeless Joes, Crabby Joes, Pizza Nova, Pizza Delight, Dominos Pizza, Greco’s Pizza, St. Louis Bar and Grill, Lonestar Texas Grill, Applebees and Pickel Barrel. Farm Boy, Breadalbane Inn, Catherines, Sable and Rosenfeld, Yawdi’s and London and Langtree are a few of key co-packaging partners.

Since its inception, FFC has gone from selling to other food manufacturers to providing products to food distributors and food service accounts all across Canada and the United States. We have also grown to add the additional service and support to our customers of co-packaging their goods. Many of these products such as marinara sauces, chopped garlic, hummus, garlic spreads, pestos, dips and caramelized onions are served at major restaurant chains and used by a variety of multi-national food companies. Let us help you with your recipe for success and elevate your private label offerings!

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