Private Label Dry Blending and Custom Packaging in Canada

Carefully curated Fun Foods Partners specialize in all aspects of Dry Blending and Custom Packaging (Co-Packer). From Formulation and Blending, to Private Label.

Top Dry Blending Copackers and Private Label Packing in Canada

What is Private Label Dry Blending?

Dry blending is the process of incorporating dry ingredients to produce a well-mixed dry product. It is also possible to effectively add a small, controlled amount of liquid to a blend if desired. For more complex blending projects, some blenders have temperature controls, which can heat the liquid stream that is added to the bed. Furthermore, temperature controlled blenders can be used to heat the bed of powder. 

Get all of your products blends to the highest food safety standards, in accordance with the protocols of HACCP and the Global Food Safety Initiative. Dry powder blending involves following carefully developed formulas. Each ingredient arrives at Dure Foods with a Certificate of Analysis to ensure it is the best quality and was manufactured under the highest food safety standards. Each ingredient is precisely weighed before being added to the blend, Lot codes are documented and blender personnel sign off on every ingredient added. Blending times are electronically controlled to ensure a consistent mix every time. Every blend receives micro-biological testing by a third party laboratory.

What is Private Label Packaging?

Simply put Private Label Packaging offers you the flexibility to offer your products in the format that works best for you.

How will the incoming and final product be packaged?
What is the incoming particle size of each ingredient to be blended?
Does your product require specific certifications – Kosher, HALAL, others?
Are there special handling requirements for your product such as safety or process related?

Private Label Packaging Products (Made in Canada) offer many flavored Cappuccinos, Hot Chocolate, Cappuccino Foamer, Chai Tea, Vending & Reliquefying Creamers and Sugar. All are available under our label and within our private label program. Our in-house Quality Assurance lab maintains strict quality control as well as product research and development.

Packaging Options
A) Super Sacs.
B) 50lb Bags
C) 25lb Bulk Boxes
D) 2lb Pillow Pouch
E) 500g Pouch
F) 28g Sachets
G) Composite Tins – 4″ diameter
H) Plastic Jars

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