Bubble Tea Fruit Syrups

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Premium Bubble Tea Syrups | Multi-Use | 4 in 1 Shelf Stable, Liquid Fruit Syrups for Bubble Tea, Fruit Purees, Fruit Smoothies, Fruit Slushies and Cocktails 

Infuse your drinks and desserts with delicious, concentrated syrups from Bossen. Our syrups use natural fruit juices and many high-quality ingredients to deliver a sweet and satisfying  flavor with every drip. Check out our many syrup-based recipe ideas.

Suggested Use for 4 in 1 Fruit Syrups

Iced (16 fl oz): Add 2 fl. oz. of your choice of fruit syrup to a cocktail shaker. Then add ⅔ of a 16 fl. oz. cup of ice (6 oz. by weight) and 8 fl. oz. of tea, lemonade, or your choice of beverage. Shake well and serve.

Hot (16 fl oz): Add 2 fl. oz. of your choice of fruit syrup and 12 fl. oz. of hot tea to a hot cup. Stir well and serve.

Blended (16 fl oz): Combine 3 fl. oz. pf your choice of fruit syrup and 2 scoops of non dairy creamer (for a smoothie) in a blender jar. Add a heaping 16 fl. oz. cup of ice (13 oz. by weight) and 4 fl. oz. of water. Blend well and serve.

Dessert: Drizzle on top of your favorite dessert

Premium Fruit Slushies: Use as a Slush Mix to Make Premium Fruit Slushies

A Large Selection of Bubble Tea / Smoothies Fruit Purée Syrups and Fruit Jams (Fruit Pastes) - Made with Real Fresh Fruits for your Bubble Tea, Smoothies, Daiquiris, Slushies, Alcoholic Cocktails, and related Food and Beverage application and convenience.

Made from real fresh fruit ingredients, our premium fruit puree syrups and fruit jams are perfect for making bubble teas, fruit smoothies, fruit frappes, juices, slushes, flavored teas, ice cream, frozen yogurt, shaved ice, daiquiris and alcoholic cocktails.  Serve your customers with delicious smoothies, bubble tea and more with our Premium Fruit Smoothies/Bubble Tea fruit puree syrups.

With quality as our focus, our premium fruit puree syrups are used by many well-known franchises and shops all across Canada, USA and Worldwide.  What makes us different from our competition is that our fruit syrups consist of up to 25% real fruit juice and fruit pulp. The beverages made using our Bubble Tea Syrup will have a more natural flavor. Your customers will even see the fruit purée in their drinks!

The intensity of our fruit syrup is stronger, so by using a little less, you can still achieve the same strength of flavor as other brands. That means selling a few more drinks to happy, returning customers with the same amount of product!

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