Elevating Private Label: Innovate, Create, Customize, Sustain, and Profit with Shifting Consumer Trends

 Private Label Production, Manufacturing and Distribution

Do you desire a different product or packaging with your brand? Do you have a new food and beverage related idea?  Fun Foods Canada is able to produce private label brands according to customers’ specifications for the Ho.Re.Ca. markets, large-scale food & beverage, retail, grocery channel and, also for small quantities. Let us know more and request a customized offer!

Food and Beverage Private Label is Booming

Private label is becoming more and more popular as businesses make the
commitment to further establish their brand, define their product mix
and streamline their operations. 

Understanding the reasons why private label can benefit your business is a critical step in determining if it is a viable endeavor for your company. 

Premium Contract-Manufacturing and Co-Packing Services in North America

Selecting the right contract manufacturer and/or a co-packer can make or break your business.  Don't make the costly mistakes of working with unreliable, inexperienced co-packers and contract manufacturers. Let Fun Foods Canada simplify the process for you with our strong foundation in the food industry spanning over two decades. We at Fun Foods Canada, as a family-run enterprise, are dedicated to bringing innovation and premium-quality private label food and beverages with your brand's promise.

Brand Consistency For Your Food and Beverage Offerings

•Your product offering is your bread & butter and should be protected
– the autonomy private labels offer will keep competitors at bay and
secure what differentiates your brand

• For franchising, private label provides the opportunity to license your product
and protect the formula – you can sell your business concept but not the secret
Defined Product Mix

• Consistency is key in the food industry. Consumers want to know the
quality they experienced the first time can be expected all the time

• Liquid or Powdered mixes are shelf-stable and can be made when fresh
ingredients, such as milk, are not prevalent or volatile in certain markets.
Streamline Operations

• Pre-mixed products cut labor and raw ingredient sourcing which can
significantly bring down overhead costs

• The logistics of sourcing, production and shipping product is minimized
to one vendor, improving communications and transparency

Learn more about the ways food businesses are growing their private brands:

  • Innovate faster than changing consumer trends
  • Connect broader sustainability initiatives to the private brand strategy
  • Master product transparency and supply chain traceability
  • Enable complete supplier visibility and collaboration

Get in touch with Fun Foods Canada for your co-packing, custom product development, private label ideas, your own branded private label products and innovative offerings.  Thank you!