Gradient Color Beverage Powder 1kg

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Gradient Color Beverage Powder 1kg
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Gradient Color Beverage Powder 1kg

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Gradient Color Beverage Powder 1kg

Serve Your Customers Premium Bubble Tea, Fruit Smoothies, Lattes, Frappes.

Gradient powder contains the purple sweet potato extract, which is full of anthocyanins. When diluted with cold water, blue gradient water can be obtained. The gradient blue water would turn into beautiful purple color when it encounters acidic juice. It can be made into various beautiful layered drinks.

Make your fruit bubble teas easily with the help of the amazing gradient powder. This product can help you when you need to be efficient while still maintaining the high quality of your drinks.  The powder is creating a beautiful gradient layer of colour and changes the colour to pH of the drink. This powder is perfect for galaxy bubble tea or any other drinks such as cocktails, mocktails and juice.

Recipe / Preparation: (See the video below for easy instructions)

Top layer
Add 150 ml of warm water to the shaker cup.
Add a heaping tea spoon (10 grams) of gradient colour beverage powder to the shaker cup.
Stir all the ingredients together with a bar spoon and set on the side.

Fruit tea layer
Grab another shaker cup.
Add 150 ml of jasmine green tea base to a shaker cup.
Add 40 ml of preferred concentrated fruit juice to a shaker cup.
Add 15 ml of fructose syrup to a shaker cup.
Add half cup of ice cubes to a shaker cup.
Seal the shaker cup with lid and shake well until the drink is nice and cold
Grab the serving cup and add the preferred topping to the serving cup.
Pour the drink in the serving cup around 70% of the cup.
Very slowly pour the gradient colour mix to the serving cup over the bar spoon to the top of the cup.
Seal the serving cup with a sealing machine or cover the cup with a lid.

For the large size fruit tea, we add 250 ml of jasmine tea base, 40 ml preference concentrated fruit juice and 20 ml of fructose syrup.
Gradient fruit tea can only be served cold.
To separate the layer, must start with the most sugar content liquid and very slowly pour the lower sugar content liquid on the next layer.
The Gradient colour will change the colour from purple to pink by mixing it with any acidic drink.