Earl Grey Black Loose Tea - 600g

Earl Grey Black Loose Tea
Loose Tea Leaves Supplier and Distributor

Earl Grey Black Loose Tea - 600g

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Earl Grey Black Loose Tea - 600g

Our Earl Grey Leaves is grown in Taiwan. It is one of the flavored teas with great scent.

It can be used in bubble tea, smoothie, slushy, cocktail, and dessert. Mix with creamer and fructose to create your favorite bubble milk tea. Suitable to serve on ice or hot.

Tea Brewing Recipe/Method

1. Boil 4 liters (one gallon) of water in a pot.

2. Turn off the heat and lower the water temperature to 80 degrees Celsius.

3. Stir 80 grams of tea leaves into the pot until well blended.

4. Cover the pot and steep for 10 minutes.

5. Filter the tea leaves and ready to serve.

Taste: roasted tea flavors with earthy tones

Type of Tea: Earl Grey
Bag: 600 grams