Deluxe Pancake Mix - Pearl Milling Company - 8 x 1.6 KG

Deluxe Pancake Mix - Pearl Milling Company - 8 x 1.6 KG

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Deluxe Pancake Mix - Pearl Milling Company - 8 x 1.6 KG, Item Code ST-033043

Quickly create pancakes or waffles for your menu with this pancake
and waffle mix! Whether you're serving up a hearty breakfast or a sweet, satisfying meal anytime throughout the day, you can be sure that this pancake and waffle mix is just the treat your patrons are looking for. Perfect for restaurants, diners, breakfast buffets, and more, this pancake and waffle mix combines the versatility and
convenience you desire with the classic, sweet flavor that your customers crave.
Convenient Supply
With mix of every bag, your establishment will be in good supply for all of your breakfast rushes. Serve your heaping piles of pancakes and waffles on their own, or enhance the final presentation with syrup, butter, fruit, or powdered sugar for a delectably-sweet meal that your patrons will love.

Save on Prep Time
Preparing batter from scratch can be incredibly time-consuming, but with this easy-to-use mix you can save your busy kitchen staff precious preparation time, and allow for a more efficient service for your hungry guests!
Easy to Use
With this ready-to-use mix, making light and fluffy pancakes and waffles has never been easier. Simply add the directed amount of water to the mix, and in no time at all you've got soft, golden brown pancakes or waffles to delight your customers' taste buds.

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