Aloe Vera in Syrup #10 Can 6.6 Lbs. (3.1 KG)

Aloe Vera in Syrup #10 Can 6.6 Lbs. (3.1 KG)
Aloe Vera in Syrup #10 Can 6.6 Lbs. (3.1 KG)

Aloe Vera in Syrup #10 Can 6.6 Lbs. (3.1 KG)

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Aloe Vera in Syrup #10 Can 6.6 Lbs. (3.1 KG)

Add a uniquely delicious finishing touch to your beverages and desserts with aloe vera in syrup! Made from 100% natural aloe vera, this product features morsels of crystal-clear, jelly-like topping that are packed in a sweet syrup without preservatives. It has a clean, refreshing aloe flavor with a hint of sweetness from the syrup and a pleasantly chewy texture. Because it's made from pure aloe, this topping is a healthy choice! It promotes hydration, a balanced pH, clear skin, and healthy digestion, all while offering a boost of essential vitamins and minerals.

In addition to being delicious and healthy, this aloe vera in syrup is a trendy and convenient addition to your menu! It makes a refreshing addition to beverages like lemonade, iced tea, and even bubble tea, as well as a great topping for popular desserts. Try adding it to sorbet, frozen yogurt, or shaved ice for an unforgettable treat! Best of all, this product is ready to use straight out of the can; simply scoop out your desired amount of topping and serve! This bulk #10 can is a great way to ensure that your establishment remains well-stocked with this delicious ingredient; each can contains approximately (22) 1/2 cup servings. This product should be refrigerated after opening. 

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