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    Restaurant, Food Business, Store Consulting, Training, Business Plan, Business Funding, Location Analysis, Branding, Menu Concepts, Equipment, Design, Layout, Store Build-Out and Construction

    Your Own Franchise Style Food Concept WITH ZERO ROYALTIES.....THAT'S Totally Cool

    Become The Next Food Business Sensation. Let Your Own Exciting New Food Business Concept Make You A Millionaire. Launch Your Own Wildly Profitable Ice Cream Store, Frozen Yogurt Store, Gelato Store, Frozen Dessert Store, Bubble Tea Store, Coffee House, Food Truck, Pita Store, Shawarma Store or any type of Cool Restaurant/Cafe Niche of your own liking.  

    Learn the key difference between an ordinary food store (sales of $10k to $15k per moth) vs. an Extraordinary food store generating sales of $30K to $115K per month consistently!

    Our training is just like a franchise training, but for independent entrepreneurs. Let us assist you your business model into a remarkable Profit-Generating machine. With plenty of help and assistance ranging from the science of making the best food and beverages in the world to centralized ordering, product consistency, corporate branding, quality control and workflow management system, you can tap into the food business rapidly growing market in no time with the minimal amount of hassle, risk and investment.

    Minimize Your Risks. Quadruple Your Profits.  Avoid These Four Common Mistakes At All Costs:

    • “Don’t make the mistake of going in alone and unprepared. Going in alone and unprepared is a recipe for disaster. You make one mistake and you are going to jeopardize the success of your entire business.”

    • “Don’t make the mistake of buying an expensive franchise (and pay royalties for the rest of your life).”

    • “Don’t make the mistake of spending tons of monies on bad layouts and designs that DON'T work. We give you proven layouts and designs from professionals with great track record.”

    • “Don’t make the mistake of buying high-priced restaurant equipment. There is a better option. We show you how and Save You Tens of Thousands of Dollars. Guaranteed.”

    When you incorporate Fun Foods Canada's advice, a transformation happens...More Money...More Freedom....More Enjoyment!

    Without a doubt, experience makes the difference... We will be your partners all the way. From start to finish, we will help you build your idea from design to execution, training and technical support. Our goal at Fun Foods Canada is to help you build a successful food business.  Whether you are starting a new store, refresh your current brand, add a new menu item or looking to be more profitable, our food business consulting, menu concepts, branding, training, design, equipment and build-out services will serve as a catalyst for you to be profitable from day one. 

    Long Live Ambition. Fortune Favors The Bold!

    We offer a variety of services for clients that want to open or remodel commercial spaces including Restaurants, Gelato, Ice Cream, Bubble Tea, Juice Bars, Smoothie Shop, Pizza Store, Pita Store, Pastry and Chocolate shops, Bakeries and Coffee Houses. We Design and Build, create Layouts, offer Equipment, Furniture, Spare Parts, Technical Assistance, Supplies, Ingredients, Training and Recipes, our trained staff will make sure that your space is your idea and dream come true.

    Start Your Own Food Business (any concept of your choice) or create your own niche in the food business or add your choice of a food concept to your current business (Store in a Store concept) or simply add/update/refresh your branding and/or menu with new food and beverages that will add incremental ongoing revenue to your current store.

    We transform every space and idea into pure, technological emotion. We offer you an innovative and fresh perspective in any project involving a food operation business, whether you are re-modeling or building it from scratch! It doesn’t matter if you want a Bubble Tea Shop, Pizza Store, Pita and Shawarma Store, Bakery, Gelateria, Ice- Cream shop, Yogurt store or Restaurant, we have the necessary vision, equipment and products to design and build your idea. Together we can design your dream space for your business. We assure our clients that the equipment we provide is of great efficiency, quality and beauty from world renowned European, Chinese and American brands with the fastest ROI in the food business.

    Your Timing and Sense of Urgency are the keys to your success in the Food Business. Take Urgent and Massive Action. Contact Us Today.  Thank you! 

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