The easiest way to add soft serve ice cream to the menu - Soft Serve Startup Program


Soft serve ice cream sells itself and is a great addition to any business. We have created the best program in the world for adding soft serve to your business. We offer tons of free bonuses and guidance with the purchase of your machine. Our soft serve startup programs offers everything you need to be profitable, confident, and successful with soft serve ice cream from day one! 

Why We Love Soft Serve

We love soft serve ice cream because of it's universal appeal and high profit margins. It's truly great for any business and it is so easy to use, just pull the handle for quick and easy profits. It has a high visual appeal and you can customize what kind of flavours you want to serve and create amazing specialty creations and LTO's. 

What Can I Create with Soft Serve?

Soft serve is great on it's own in a cup or cone, but you can also create a plethora of other novelty creations: sundaes, flurries, ice cream cakes, ice cream sandwiches, milkshakes and so much more! A soft serve machine allows you to add tons of profitable items to the menu. 

The Best Program: Soft Serve Startup

Our soft serve startup program offers you tons of free bonuses with the purchase of your Gel Matic Soft Serve Machine. Gel Matic is our go to soft serve machine for it's reliability and ease of use, there are 9 models of Gel Matic machines available to suit your needs. 

Free Bonuses (just cover the cost of your machine):


  • Free Frostline Soft Serve Mix: Our best selling mix known for it's profitability. Operators and consumers alike love frostline soft serve for it's great taste and profitability. We've done the calculations, you will get enough free frostline mix that once sold in retail value will cover the cost of the machine... It's like getting a machine for free! 
  • Free Shipping in Canada: Some exceptions apply, i.e. remote locations, for these extended areas we will cover the cost with you 50/50. 
  • Free Training Session: Learn your machine! How to use it, how to make soft serve, how to clean the machine, and answer any questions you have! For a large majority of areas, a technician will do the training session on-site at your store. 
  • Free Posters & POS Materials: Visually appealing posters and point of sales marketing materials to promote your new investment. 
  • Free Sanitizers & Machine Lube: Used for cleaning and sanitizing your machine. 
  • Free Accessories: Free Frostline mixing bucket, hand whisk, and more. 

The Machine Lineup

Overall, there are 9 models to choose from, you can view all the options by clicking here

Entry-Level Machines

SC EASY 1 GR - 1 Flavour 

BC 250 GR - 2 Flavour + Twist

Advanced Machines

BC 250 PM - 2 Flavor + Twist 

Machine Financing

You don't have to buy your machine outright (though you certainly can!). We have awesome machine financing solutions via EconoLease to rent your machine or put it on a monthly lease. Remember, your machine is producing you cash flow, and since you are getting your mix for free, all you have to do is focus on selling cones. If you can sell enough cones to cover the monthly lease, your machine is paying for itself, it's like getting a machine for free! 

You can apply for machine financing by clicking here. Please make sure you enter Fun Foods Canada as the vendor, and Christopher Cicione as your EconoLease sales rep to ensure your application goes into the correct inbox. 

Next Steps

  1. Buy your soft serve machine online and claim your free bonuses here.  
  2. Apply for machine financing via EconoLease here.
  3. Got questions? Chat with us online, email us, or call the Fun Foods Canada toll-free number. 

View the Soft Serve Startup E-Book


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