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Excellence is the Starting Point! Top Quality Gel Matic Soft Serve Machines 

Gel Matic. The Taste of Made in Italy. Now in Canada!

Gel Matic Italia, a leading figure in the world of ice-cream, specializes in express blending technology. The company's success is a result of passion, a shared vision and great dedication. With its strong local roots and professional relationships, Gel Matic is proud to have turned the "Made in Italy" label into a symbol of guaranteed quality for its international customers, who truly appreciate the company's special characteristics. 

Top Selling Italian Gel Matic Ice Cream Machines Now in Canada via Fun Foods Canada

Fun Foods Canada is an authorized dealer for Gel Matic soft serve ice cream and gelato machines. Gel Matic machines are made in Italy, but are all commercially approved for use in Canada & USA.  In terms of machine financing, Fun Foods Canada is an approved vendor for Econolease and has special arrangements with Econolease for financing (lease-to-own or rent to own). You can use this helpful tool if you want to crunch some numbers:

Econolease is an industry leader in offering financing solutions specifically geared for the foodservice and restaurant industry across Canada. I'm pleased to introduce you to @Carlie Morrison who is our amazing rep from Econolease who can assist you with the approval process.  The approval process is very simple and offers a quick lease approval.
Please fill out the application online at and please be sure to type “Carlie Morrison” in as your Econolease sales rep to ensure the application goes right into the correct inbox for approval and processing. It is a very seamless process and is all done online within minutes. Let us know if you have any questions.  In addition, be sure to check out our special Soft Serve Startup program at Thank you!

9 products
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