Hard Ice Cream using Soft Serve! (Rolled Ice Cream)

                                        Types of Ice Cream 

Ice Cream comes in many different shapes, forms, tastes and textures. One thing that is always present in ice cream is the delicious taste and smooth texture of dairy. If you are looking to start or own a Frozen Dessert business, it is important to establish the different types of Ice Cream you may want to sell. 

Hard Ice Cream (Scoops) - The traditional way of enjoying ice cream, scoops from a tub of wonderful ice cream. The most conventional way of serving ice cream in stores. It is easy to manage flavor wise and quantity wise. These are not ideal for strictly dessert stores because of how simple ice cream scoops can be, but better for complete restaurants that need it for a dessert menu. If you are a strict hard scoop ice cream dessert store, it would only make sense to carry a large amount of flavors and tubs at all times.


Soft Serve - The classic light textured, fluffy and delicious Soft Serve. Visually appealing and one of the most iconic treats in the dessert world. Dairy Queen is what popularized soft serve and took brought it in the spotlight. Soft Serve can look especially gorgeous when two flavors are twisted together. You typically see this with the classic vanilla + chocolate combination, but many stores get creative to make the most aesthetically pleasing and tasty soft serve flavor combinations. (View our blog on Soft Serve Flavor Combinations



                                  Rolled Ice Cream (Hard Soft Serve?)

Rolled Ice Cream - A more recent style of serving Ice Cream, Rolled Ice Cream is very visually attractive for its consumers. It also brings a new found density to Soft Serve mixes. Think of rolled ice cream as an ice cream hybrid between hard scooped ice cream and soft serve. They work especially great with sundaes because all of the toppings and syrups that can squeeze through the tiny crevices within the finished rolled ice cream product. Instead of a soft serve machine, rolled ice cream is made using an Ice Cream roller plate which are essentially cold flat plates where your ice cream mix would be poured onto, and then rolled as it starts to freeze into an ice cream consistency. During this process flavor concentrates would be added as well.



     At Fun Foods, we carry a Classic Canada Ice Cream Mix, that has a base of whole milk for amazing creamy rolled ice cream. This mix can also be used for regular soft serve applications. 




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