Five Amazing Soft Serve Flavor Combinations!

     There is nothing more satisfying than watching a soft serve machine dispense colourful flavors as they merge and twist with each other. This is one of the benefits of pre-flavoring your ice cream mix because it produces a full, solid colour as it comes out of the machine. In the consumers eyes, it is very aesthetically pleasing compared to post-flavoring. 

                          Soft Serve Dispensing

      In order to make a combination soft serve twirl, you would need a soft serve machine with three dispensers, and flavor concentrates to add colour and flavor to the ice cream mixes. The best things to keep in mind when producing twirls is the dessert's colour, and if the flavors taste good together. 

                                                                                                                                               Soft Serve Machine

*Triple Dispensing Taylor Soft Serve Machine... this allows for two flavors at one time, which also can be dispensed together using the middle nozzle to create the beautiful soft serve twists.

                                Five Unique Twist Combinations

     Excluding the classic twist combination of chocolate and vanilla, here are 5 unique flavor combinations!

1. Lemon Lime Twist (Juicy Lemon + Key Lime) - These citrus flavors taste and look great when twirled together. The beautiful bright green colour from the lime, and the soft yellow from the lemon compliment each other really well, along with the classic lemon-lime flavor.

2. Tropical Paradise (Golden Kiwi + Hawaiian Coconut) - One of the more unique flavors, but tastes amazing and is sure to impress your customers. This one is great for those who love exotic and tropical flavors.

3. Campfire (Marshmallow + Chocolate) -  Visually identical to the classic chocolate and vanilla combination, but tastes a lot different. This combination would work excellent paired with hot fudge and graham cracker topping. 

4. Strawberry Lime Fusion (Fresh Strawberry + Key Lime) - The twirl when produced is very good looking with bright colouring and the flavor here is amazing and is sure to be a popular choice for consumers!


                              Lime And Strawberry

*Visual Representation of Strawberry Lime Fusion

5. Candy Bowl (Dreamsicle + Pink Cotton Candy) - Produces a beautiful orange and pink twirl that is especially appealing to the younger consumers. Like the name implies, candy toppings would benefit the overall dessert to make it complete much like hot fudge and graham crackers compliment the Campfire combination. 


Find all of the flavors mentioned above and more to flavor your Soft Serve and Frozen Desserts here: National Flavors 


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