Keep Your Soft Serve Machine Clean with Stera-Sheen

Your soft serve machine is clean, but is it Stera-Sheen clean? 

     After a certain period of dispensing soft serve you need to clean your machine. A good guideline to follow is to clean your machine 3-4 times a week. Milkstone particles and bacteria can quickly accumulate if you do not keep your machine in good and clean condition. Luckily for you and your machine Stera-Sheen is a carefully crafted speciality sanitizer. 

     Provide your soft serve machine with the best sanitation possible. This is a crucial aspect to keeping your machine working optimally and ensuring safety for your customers. 

       Stera-Sheen Jar

           *One Jar of Stera-Sheen Green Label Sanitizer and Cleaner*


How To Use For Soft Serve Machine Cleaning

1. Begin by using one tablespoon of stera-sheen powder per one quart of water. Once fully dissolved, this creates your sanitation solution. 

2. Pour warm water into your soft serve machine and flush out the machine fully at least once to ensure maximum cleanliness. Now pour your sanitation solution into the machine and let it sit for at least sixty seconds before flushing it completely out 

3. Although not required, pour warm water into the the machine so your ready to start serving more wonderful soft serve

Keep in mind you can also sanitize removable parts of machines and sanitize utensils. (Blender parts, Granita Machine parts, whisks etc.) Also keeping a large bucket handy will be very useful when emptying the solutions running out of the soft serve machine.

For more information and purchase info click here: Stera-Sheen Green Label Sanitizer and Cleaner 

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