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Crema (Cream) Cheese Whipping Powder 1kg

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Crema (Cream) Cheese Whipping Powder 1kg

Crema Cheese Whipping Powder creates a silky, creamy foam of cheese flavor to pour enhance your favorite drinks such as bubble tea, fruit teas and more!

The cheese flavor adds a subtle and irresistible salty flavor to your sweet drink for a perfectly balanced taste. Instagrammable and widely popular, use our crema cheese to add a thick "cloud" of yumminess to beverages and desserts. Follow our recipe, it's easy with just water, half and half, heavy cream, or milk. Add sea salt to make sea salt crema.

Suggested Serving Size: 50 - 60 g (2.1 - 2.8 oz)

* Net Weight: 1kg per bag

* Shelf Life: 18 months

* Country of Origin: Taiwan

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