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These machines are the same style that are found in modern style movie theaters but they also require theater style popcorn blends. Our theater style popcorn can be found here. Your top source in Canada for Popcorn Machines, Popcorn Makers, Commercial Grade Popcorn Machines, Popcorn Poppers, Popcorn Equipment, Home Theater Popcorn Machines and Industrial Popcorn Equipment. Manufacturer of Centerstage Professional Concession Equipment. 
Lower Priced Popcorn Machines

Our machines are commercial grade and high quality: 

  1. Higher Wattage - No wasted unpopped kernels and much shorter batch times. Which means our 4 oz commercial machines will make as much as a low grade 8 oz machine
  2. Direct Drive Pots - No gears, solid rod from a motor therefore no slip or jams
  3. We Use Screws - Therefore making it possible to remove parts to properly repair, clean or sanitize
  4. Highest Grade Popcorn Pots - The inner kettle is constructed of thick gauge hard-coat anodized aluminum for maximum performance and easy cleaning. Aluminum provides the best heat transfer of any cookware approved alloy while the 20 mil thick anodizing armors the kettle for durability and provides a super-slick surface for easy cleaning. The kettle jackets are made of Nickel Plated Steel for corrosion resistance and easy cleaning. 
  5. Flawless Painted finishes - Superior finishing applied under strict conditions and quality control.
  6. Replacement Parts - Replacement parts are available in Canada. 
  7. Low Failure Rates - Our machines have less than a 1% failure rate within the first 3 years with heavy use.
  8. Steel Components - Highest grade and thicker steel components which includes screws
  9. Warranties - 1 - 3 YEARS 100% ALL PARTS INCLUDING THE POT.
  10. Size - The overall size of these machines is larger  

The formula for the size and output of a commercial machine are as follows:

  • 4 oz popcorn machine will produce approximately 90 small bags an hour
  • 6 oz popcorn machine will produce approximately 120 small bags an hour
  • 8 oz popcorn machine will produce approximately 160 small bags an hour
  • 14 oz popcorn machine will produce approximately 260 small bags an hour
  • 16 oz popcorn machine will produce approximately 300 small bags an hour
  • 20 oz popcorn machine will produce approximately 400 small bags an hour


6 products
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