Flavor Blend & Premium Beverage Syrups by Flavor Burst Canada

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Flavor Burst Puts Flavor First

with 17 delicious Flavor Blend syrups!

Each syrup is carefully formulated to provide premium quality flavor for maximum impact on the taste buds. All syrups are gluten-free and free from most allergens*. Each 1-gallon bag contains concentrated flavoring that requires no refrigeration and has a 2 year shelf life. See the nutritional, Kosher and Halal information at the bottom of this page.

Now Flavor Blend syrups are compatible with shake and slush base product using the newest Flavor Burst system: CTP 80CBB Premium Blended Beverage! Each gallon of Blend syrup can flavor up to 400 5-oz soft serve servings, 180 premium shake servings, or 435 premium slush servings!

Please Note:

  • These syrups are specially formulated to blend with:
    (1) soft serve base product using the “BLD” Soft Serve Flavor Blend Systems,
    (2) shake, slush or smoothie base product using the "CBB” Premium Blended Beverage Systems
  • Only syrup part numbers ending in “BLD” will blend well with the base product, as they are formulated to have the right concentration of flavor and color using the BLD and CBB systems.
  • Blend syrups are NOT compatible with the “SS” Soft Serve Stripe, “BEV” Standard Beverage , or “FCB” Frozen Carbonated Beverage systems. Only the BLD and CBB systems have the fitments, pumps and blending assembly compatible with the Blend syrups and their bags.

The Art of Flavoring

17 products
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