Gummy Mix - Candy Kits and Mixes - 501 grams (18 oz) Bag

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Gummy Mix - Candy Kits and Mixes - 501 grams (18 oz) Bag

LorAnn’s Gummy Mix will become your new favorite way to make fruity and eye-catching gummy candies. From cute gummy bears to crawly gummy worms, the shapes and delicious flavor options are endless for all of your creations! 

Gummy Mix is also available in bulk pack size of 25 lbs. 

LorAnn's easy-to-use Super-Strength flavors pack a powerful punch for all of your candy making needs. 

Looking for Gummy Candy making tips and tricks? View our Sweets Made Simple Guide!

Bulk Sizes: Also available in 25 lbs bulk sizes.  Please let us know by email to if you like to get the bulk size pricing.  Thank you.

*Mix ideal for fruit Super-Strength Flavors. Citric acid is an important ingredient in gummy candies to help wake up the flavor. Use fruity flavors when making gummies since they complement citric acid best.

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