Winter Ideas for Frozen Dessert Stores

     With winter comes cold, and the cold may cause your business to be running slower, especially in the frozen dessert business. This is why dessert stores should look to carry coffee house items such as hot cocoa, lattes, and sometimes warm goodies like Belgian waffles. This creates the opportunity to sell a lot soft serve during the winter time. Another thing to help is to change the overall lighting and ambience of your store to feel a bit more cozy and relaxing. Its like you own a cafe instead of frozen dessert store. Below is a picture of a more calm, warm looking environment for a dessert shop. 


           Tasty Menu Items That Incorporate Soft Serve During Winter

Waffles and Soft Serve - Serve a warm Belgian Waffle topped off with soft serve, pancake syrup and other toppings to give it a warm feel. 


Hot Cocoa Floats - Hot chocolate beverage of your choice topped with a touch of soft serve, or hard ice cream floating at the top. The flavor of the ice cream would mix in with the hot chocolate every sip that is taken. Basic flavors like Vanilla or Caramel would work great, but also flavors like Chocolate Chip Mint would look visually stunning, and add that winter/Christmas feel to the beverage.


Warm Brownie/Cookie Sundaes - Use freshly baked brownies/cookies, that are warmed before serving with soft serve/hard ice cream and hot fudge. You can also get festive and add toppings such as candy cane with these sundaes.

Ice Cream Sandwich - These can be pre-made and individually packed for convenience, these would work great in combos with lattes or hot beverages. 


Here are some great flavors to sell during the cold winter days for your customers:


1. Festive Egg Nog (64oz)

2. Chocolate Chip Mint (32oz) Chocolate Chip Mint (64oz)

3. Caramel Apple (Creamy Caramel + Green Apple)

4. Tiramisu

5. Irish Cream (32oz) Irish Cream (64oz)


 Check out our full flavor collection here: National Flavors

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