Waffle Love: Your Best Waffle Recipe On the Best Waffle Maker

By equipping your kitchen with a high quality, easy to clean, commercial waffle maker by Waring®, which delivers exceptional texture and flavor with short cook times, you take waffle-making up a notch, and your customers deserve nothing less. And, having a great waffle recipe or two doesn't hurt.

The Best Waffle Maker to Satisfy Waffle Love

Waffles are a perennial favorite at breakfast restaurants and diners, so it makes sense that it’s on the menu at countless foodservice establishments across America. Popular at home and at full-service, family-style restaurants known for breakfast, waffles are popping up at a broad spectrum of foodservice operations, from self-service breakfast bars at hotel chains to quick-service eateries. Waffle love is a trend you can bank on.

Consumers tend to favor fresh waffles, which in turn has driven demand for commercial-grade waffle makers. A survey by Ask Your Target Market revealed that many people prefer homemade waffles to frozen.3 While frozen waffles are known for their convenience, the fresh-made variety are a treat that commercial establishments can add to the mix to serve up more sales.

The Waffle Maker that Cooks Up Breakthroughs

Renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation, Waring has developed an industry-leading line of commercial-grade waffle makers with unrivaled construction and heating components. Designed with embedded heating elements, our waffle makers are engineered for optimal heat distribution and professional performance.

In 2001, Waring designed the first rotating waffle maker for American households to add to its long list of product innovations and engineering achievements. A key component for all our waffle makers, the revolutionary rotary feature ensures even baking and browning, as well as proper aeration which makes waffles come out especially fluffy.

After introducing the rotating waffle maker, Waring continued to elevate its waffle iron engineering and launched into the foodservice market, where our commercial brand is now an industry leader.

Technologically sophisticated yet simple-to-use features include a browning control for customized fluffiness or crispness, as well as light and audio signals that indicate when the unit is ready and waffles are cooked. Treated with a triple-nonstick coating, our waffle plates release cooked waffles with no mess.

Equipped with a dishwasher-safe, removable drip tray for fuss-free cleanups, Waring® waffle irons are easy to clean. All it takes is dishwashing liquid and a toothbrush. Got grease? No problem. Just place damp paper towels between the warm plates to soak up the grease and make the unit extra-easy to clean. To keep plates lubricated, apply cooking oil or spray before each use.

What Makes a Waffle Belgian—and other Varieties 

So what’s the difference between the different waffle varieties? There's the Classic, the Liege, and the Belgian Waffle, of course. Plus, don't forget Waffle Cones.

Belgian waffles are made with a lighter batter and are typically larger, with bigger squares and deeper grid pockets. They’re traditionally made with yeast, which gives them a fluffier quality, while classic waffles are usually made with baking powder, which makes them thinner and crunchier. Liege waffles are similar to Belgian waffles but sweeter and denser, with irregular edges. Made with a yeast dough adapted from brioche bread dough, they’re made with a pearl sugar coating that caramelizes for a distinctively decadent flavor.

Waffle cones are a staple at ice cream shops and a great way to scoop up sales from ice cream-loving consumers. Specially developed to conserve space and energy, with embedded heating elements for maximum output and precise temperature control, the Waring® Commercial Double Waffle Cone Maker bakes up to 120 waffle cones per hour. The rolling and forming tool makes it easy to shape the perfect waffle cones and bowls for your customers to enjoy. 

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