Slushie Mixes

Slush Machine 

Slushies are a great addition for your Dessert Store, cafe, restaurant, or convenience store. They are excellent for kids and an awesome gluten free, vegan friendly alternative for all consumers to enjoy. 

Guide On Slushies

Before we get started keep in mind that you will require a slush machine to serve your slushies.  

1st Step: Slush Base 

 Choose your slush base. Here at Fun Foods, we offer a dry slush base and a liquid slush base. 

                Dry Mix - 5 in 1 Speedy Neutral Granita/Slush Mix 


                    Liquid Mix - Epic Neutral Fruit/Granita Slush Mix


2nd Step: Mixing 

Mix your slush base, with water as intended on the instructions. Pour your mixture into the slush machine. Turn your slush machine on and once your mixture reaches the right consistency, you now have a ready to serve neutral slush mix. 

3rd Step: Flavoring 

Add flavor to your slushie mix. At Fun Foods we carry National Flavors which are potent concentrates that can be added to your slushies, soft serve, baked goods, smoothies and many other delicious options. 

The most popular Slush flavors are blue raspberry, cherry, grape, orange, lemon, and pina colada. 

At Fun Foods, we carry 45+ National Flavors. Bring joy to your customers with the popular flavors mentioned above, and carry unique flavors such as Red Raspberry, Golden Kiwi, Tutti Frutti, Green Apple, Banana Royale and more to stand out from other slushie providers.

Pre flavoring 
*if you want to flavor your neutral mix, add the flavor into the neutral water/slush base mix before adding it into the machine. This would be done during the 2nd step.

Post flavoring
*You can also serve neutral slush mix as it is, and add the flavor afterwards and mix it in. This is helpful for smaller scale stores that want to provide a lot of flavors with one slush machine. 

Purchase Your Slushie Mixes Here: Slushie Mix, Dry Slushie Mix

Purchase National Flavors Here: National Flavors

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