Shakes & Smoothies Simplified

                       The Inconsistency Of Frozen Beverages 

     Shakes & Smoothies on a busy day can be a hassle if you are not properly prepared. You need the exact measurements of the ingredients for a perfect texture every time. Have you ever been to a certain franchise and had their menu item, and then went to a different location of the same franchise and tried the same item again and it is much worse or better? This is a common problem with food items that require very specific measurements to ensure the best taste and texture. There is nothing worse than sipping a smoothie where you can feel the individual ice particles inside because of a simple measurement mistake. (too much ice) This can completely tarnish your reputation as a smoothie maker, and the same can be said for inconsistent shakes. People generally enjoy a thick milkshake and would not want to sip into a thin, less dense, borderline flavourless shake. 

Make things a little less complicated for yourself, and have full confidence in your products by using a base beverage mix. Bases will help your beverages feel full and complete at the start before adding in any extra ingredients. It is essentially like the "given" signature taste to your beverages. At Fun Foods, here are the best bases to help with making beverages like smoothies and shakes. 

Vanilla Frost Smoothie Mix - A great all around mix for beverages, meant to be served very cold, and the hint of vanilla helps bring out flavor in a lot of fruits. 


Frostline Vanilla Shake Mix - An amazing milkshake mix when used with a milkshake machine. Add chocolate or caramel flavor concentrates for easy flavoured shakes. 


                             Beverage Mixes & National Flavors 

The two drink mixes we covered are vanilla flavored, vanilla works great as a base to add flavor to rather than a completely neutral beverage mix. With the application of National Flavors you can transform your beverages into any amazing tasting flavor you may desire. Certain flavor combinations pair up very well with the base vanilla flavor in the mixes. 



Chocolate Shakes can be very simple by using the Frostline Vanilla Shake Mix and adding a touch of Chocolate National Flavor concentrate. Flavors such as Salted Caramel would work very well with shakes as well. 

Smoothies can also be simplified by using the Vanilla Frost Smoothie mix and adding National Flavors such as Fresh Strawberry and pairing it with fresh fruit. 

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Beverage Mixes: Frostline Vanilla Shake Mix & Vanilla Frost Smoothie/Shake Mix

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