Sauce It Up with Phillip's Syrups & Sauces


      Need to add that much needed sauce or syrup to compliment your desserts, hot beverages, frozen beverages, breakfast dishes and more? We've got you covered with our line of Phillip's Syrups and Sauces. Aside from the syrups mentioned in our previous Coffee House Blog, we also carry a variety of Coffee House sauces and a variety of syrups that can be used elsewhere. 

Three highlight Syrups we carry are Deluxe Pancake Syrup, Deluxe Chocolate Syrup, and Simple Syrup


Deluxe Pancake Syrup is perfect for those who may sell or want to sell waffles and ice cream in their store. There are many possibilities to get creative with your menu. Imagine a deluxe waffle sundae!

Deluxe Chocolate Syrup is very versatile for all of your chocolate syrup needs, whether to top off a milk shake, or add into a sundae, this is sure to do the trick.

Simple Syrup is a neutral flavoured sugary syrup that can be used as a thickening/sweetening agent for frozen beverages. It can also be flavoured as it is a neutral syrup. 


Our Coffee House Essential Sauces are best when working with Cafe items such as lattes and frappes as opposed to frozen desserts. 

*Chocolate, Caramel, White Chocolate, Pumpkin Spice and Sugar Free Chocolate Sauce

     Using these sauces, you can start serving premium quality lattes and frappes, simply use to top whipped cream on cafe beverages and instantly add an extra layer of delicious flavor.

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