Plant Based Soft Serve (Vegan)

     Here at Fun Foods, we aim to carry a diverse amount of vegan friendly flavor concentrates and soft serve mixes. Below are some of our highlight Vegan products. 

Vegan Vanilla Temptation Soft Serve Mix - One of our best selling products, a necessary addition to any dessert store. Guaranteed to please vegan and non-vegan customers! 

Vegan Temptation Soft Serve Mix

Dole Soft Serve Mix - Start serving the Disneyland classics right at your store or even for home use! We carry Pineapple, Orange, Strawberry, Raspberry, Mango, Lemon, Lime, Cherry, and Watermelon. 

 Dole Vegan Soft Serve Mix Canada

Alaska Cool Vanilla Soy/Coconut Bliss Soft Serve Mix - Our newest addition to our plant based selection. There is two types of bases for this vegan mix, coconut and soy base. Both have different properties to them but are still vanilla flavored. 


Speedy 5 in 1 Mix - one of the most versatile products we offer. Use speedy mix to either create vegan sorbet, soft serve, gelato, slushies, smoothie base, or even fresh fruit Popsicles! Take speedy mix to the next level by adding a national flavors concentrate of your choice, there is endless possibilities! 

                           Vegan Soft Serve Sorbet Mix

National Flavors - Enhance your vegan soft serve, baked goods, smoothies, beverages, and sweets with national flavors potent concentrates. Turn your Vegan vanilla ice cream into chocolate, strawberry, blueberry etc. With these amazing and versatile flavors. 
*note certain national flavors may contain dairy such as "Black Forest Cheesecake" 

National Flavors Canada

     People who are more intolerant towards dairy products would also benefit from vegan options! It's best to please as many customers as you can!  Check out the Vegan Collection at Fun Foods here 

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