Iced Capps Made Easy!

     Iced Cappuccinos are easily one of the most popular coffee shop beverages. They are always in demand and are a great addition to your menu. Using Cafe Granita, you have a shelf stable powder mix that can be mixed with water to create your own wonderful Iced Capps. Cafe Granita mixes can be made in a Granita Machine, Blender and can also be served hot.


At Fun Foods, we carry three granita options:

Neutral - A neutral coffee flavored base mix that can be flavored before or after serving. 

French Vanilla - Premium flavored french vanilla within the coffee granita mix.

Mocha - The classic chocolate + coffee combination for your granita mix. 


*Neutral and Mocha Iced Capps 

                               Stand Out Using National Flavors    

                                               national flavors
     At Fun Foods, one of our highlight products is our National Flavors collection because of its amazing versatility. Instantly transform your Iced Capps into unique flavors to WOW your customers! 

Below are some of our recommended coffee oriented flavors for your Granita Iced Capps:

Irish Cream - works well with Neutral Cafe Granita Mix 

English Toffee - Combines well with French Vanilla or Neutral Cafe Granita Mix 

Peanut Butter - Great with Mocha Cafe Granita Mix

Salted Caramel - Amazing when combined with French Vanilla Cafe Granita Mix 

Butterscotch - Pair with Mocha or Neutral Cafe Granita Mix 

     Remember, there are many more flavors you can choose from to make interesting combinations! Start serving Iced Capps now!

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