How to use Frostline Soft Serve Vanilla and Chocolate Mixes to make Roll Ice Cream

Here is a simply recipe to make Rolled Ice Cream using Frostline Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix (Frostline Vanilla and Frostline Chocolate)

How to make Rolled Ice Cream with Frostline Soft Serve Mixes. This recipe is specially created with small batch mixing.

50 ml milk (approx 2 oz.)
50 mil cream (approx. 2 oz.)
35 grams (3 heaping tablespoons) of the Frostline Soft Serve Vanilla or Chocolate Mix
Mix it well and then pour onto the freezing pan for delicious Rolled Ice Cream. Add Fresh Fruit and Other Toppings.  Use our Flavoring Mixes to make over 50 flavors of Rolled Ice Cream on-demand.

The above small batch recipe will make you one serving (4 to 5 rolls).  It is a great way to make fresh small batches of rolled ice cream per each customer request fresh.

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