Get your own brand of Popping Boba - Private Label Popping Boba Available in the USA and Canada

Fun Foods Canada is at the center of “pop” culture. As all of us finally break out of our personal bubbles, Popping Bubbles – our Froot Bubbles Poping Boba are outrageously fun new beverage experience, serving up an exciting new sipping sensation across Canada, the United States and the World.

Our small pure fruit bursting bubbles that literally pop in your mouth, Froot Bubbles, Popping Boba can be added to any iced or frozen beverage, turning your favorite drinks into a distinctly thrilling new level of cool. Froot Bubbles, Popping Boba are made in Canada with locally source ingredients that are clean label and eco-friendly.

Fun Foods White Label Customized Private Label Popping Boba

Capture the fun that lifts spirits with your own brand of Real Fruit Popping Boba Made in North America. We can private label popping boba with your own branding. We are able to create new flavors for you, new size formats and any new innovation you want to see with your own Popping Boba. So get your ideas popping and get in touch with us for your own brand of private label, white label Popping Bobas with Fun Foods Canada.

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