Gaylea Liquid Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix

      Gaylea Vanilla Soft Serve Ice Cream            

The idea of selling soft serve may turn a lot of store owners away because of how much easier it is to buy pre-packed hard ice cream. The process of getting your dry soft serve mix into a ready to pour solution may seem like a tedious process, but hard ice cream doesn't quite have the WOW factor the way soft serve does. Get your soft serve machines dispensing in no time with our Gaylea Vanilla ready to use mix! 

Want More Than Vanilla Gaylea?

If you have been keeping up with our blogs, you will notice the mention of our easy to use National Flavors. 

National Flavors

Simply add a flavor of your choice to the all in one Gaylea Vanilla liquid soft serve mix and transform it into something special with ease. It doesn't have to end at vanilla! There is a lot of National Flavors here at fun foods to choose from! 

Gaylea Vanilla Soft Serve mix flavoured with Strawberry

Purchase Gaylea Vanilla Here (With this simple shelf stable liquid mix, it is ready to pour straight into your soft serve machine and instantly serve to your consumers!)

Purchase National Flavors Here (Chocolate flavoured ice cream can be made very easy without a separate mix using national flavors!)

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