Fun Foods Canada Springs Into the Ice Cream Season

Toronto, Ontario (  - Toronto, Ontario March 11th 2021 -- Today, Fun Foods Canada, announced new products for the ice cream, frozen yogurt, bubble tea, restaurants and cafes for the 2021 Season.

Coming into 2020, the restaurant industry was thriving. Within a few short months, we now see an industry back on its heels, massively disrupted by an external force so unprecedented it is almost unfathomable. Small businesses, restaurants and foodservice industry across Canada have been devastated by the Covid19 lockdowns. There is hope as more people get vaccinated and things start to get somewhat normal as the small business and restaurant owners refresh their menu offerings for 2021.

“Fun Foods Canada's product portfolio includes iconic and beloved brands. When introducing new products, we look at key trends and what consumers want in their treats to ensure frozen dessert retailers will enhance their revenues significantly,” said Shaun Haider, Vice President, Fun Foods Canada. “We are always looking to offer products that bring joy to frozen dessert fans everywhere and will generate ongoing revenues for frozen dessert stores, bubble tea stores, coffee houses and restaurants across Canada. Our goal is to offer frozen dessert and related business owners new menu ideas to add soft serve ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato, sorbets, bubble tea, smoothies, frappes and coffees.”

About Fun Foods Canada

Fun Foods Canada is an independent foodservice distributor to the ice cream stores, frozen yogurt stores, bubble tea shops and coffee houses across Canada. Our products can be viewed and purchased online at or email


For more information, contact:

Shaun Haider
Vice President
Fun Foods Canada
Ph: 866-930-0130
Fun Foods Canada Website

Media Contact

Fun Foods Canadasales@funfoods.ca8669300130
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Fun Foods Canada

Fun Foods Canada offers products for Ice Cream Stores, Frozen Yogurt Stores, Bubble Tea Stores, Coffee Houses and Restaurants across Canada.

Fun Foods Canada Springs Into the Ice Cream Season

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