Cone Dips To Transform Your Soft Serve

We can all agree that there's nothing quite like a soft serve ice cream cone. The smooth texture and fluffy consistency is what makes soft serve ice cream so unique… But it doesn't have to end there, it's always good to be exploring the endless possibilities to maximize your options for soft serve. One addition being an outer shell around the soft serve cone, using a cone dip. This is great if you want to add a light crunch and extra punch to your soft serve. Below is a picture of a can of Phillips Cone Coating.  

Sweet Combinations 

If you're not yet familiar with National Flavors, they are a great addition to your base ice cream mix as well as many other delicious treats. Using a national flavor of your choice you could transform your vanilla, plain, or chocolate soft serve mix into something extraordinary! 

Imagine adding peanut butter flavor to your chocolate ice cream mix… Boom! All of a sudden you have great Chocolate PB soft serve! 

Make Your Soft Serve One Of a Kind! 

Since we are exploring the topic of unique soft serve ideas, let's take your favorite flavor combinations to the next level with Phillips Cone Dip! At Fun Foods, some cone dips we carry include Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Chocolate and many more! 

As an example, imagine using strawberry flavored soft serve with national flavors, and dipping it in a chocolate cone dip. Almost similar to fondue but our Fun Foods Soft Serve addition! (We do carry Phillips chocolate and white chocolate waffle cone/fruit coating as an actual fondue dip) 

The possibilities are endless if you use the right combinations with these steps!

1. Your base soft serve ice cream mix!
2. Choice of National Flavors!
3. Your Phillips cone dip coating! 

Combining all three steps to make 
something totally special and unique to your store could be an absolute game changer. Mix and match and have a blast!

National Flavors Selection:

Phillips Cone Dip Selection:

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