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Classic Canada Soft Serve Mix has a new name Whole Milk Premium Vanilla Soft Serve Mix

Posted by Sam Haider on

Whole Milk Premium Vanilla Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix (Case = 6 x 1.5kg Bags) formerly known as Classic Canada Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix 

This premium, whole milk, traditional Canadian style premium soft serve ice cream mix has a customary dairy taste that delivers a rich and creamy feel, full-bodied texture and notes of vanilla. Whole Milk Premium Vanilla (Classic Canada) Soft Serve Powder that can be used with any flavor, or on its own.

Serve your customers with this premium soft serve ice cream or if you like to make frozen yogurt, simply add 750 grams of fresh yogurt (grocery store yogurt) per 1 bag for great tasting frozen yogurt. This product was formerly known as Classic Canada Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix.

Each case yields 63 x 6 = 378 cones or 4 oz. servings of premium whole milk soft serve and is packed in a foodservice packaging with product label with batch code on the outside of the box however inside the box individual bags are packed in transparent plastic bags.

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