More Awesome Soft Serve Sundae Ideas

In our older blog: Exploring Sundae Ideas, we talked about how the sundae can easily be improved by incorporating more unique toppings to accompany the ice cream, rather than just syrup or fudge. Here are 3 more awesome sundaes you can add to your menu to impress your customers. 

Cake Batter Sundae - Yellow Cake Batter aka California Cake Batter from National Flavors produces the most visually stunning soft serve that tastes amazing. Start by flavoring a vanilla base ice cream mix with Yellow Cake Batter. Top with sprinkles or any colorful topping such as M&M chocolate candies. Another great topping is actual vanilla cake pieces, which can be served at a higher, more premium price.


Nutella Sundae (Chocolate Hazelnut) - Like the popular brand name "Nutella", this combination is a chocolate + hazelnut explosion that is sure to be enjoyed. Simply use a chocolate base ice cream mix, and add in Hazelnut flavoring to it. This will create the classic Nutella flavor to your soft serve ice cream. To top it off, the Nutella sundae would go well with hazelnuts and hot fudge. 

Butterscotch Deluxe - A very creamy and milky soft serve, while also being rich and dense in flavor. Use Butterscotch flavor into a whole milk vanilla ice cream base. Follow up by using caramel, or salted caramel topping. Hard toppings like pecans would pair very well with this sundae. 

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