Amazing Waffle Cone Coatings

                         Phillip's Waffle Cone and Fruit Dips


     Waffle Cones and Waffle Bowls are always a fun way to enjoy ice cream. At Fun Foods, we carry Phillips Waffle Cone Coatings in both Chocolate and White Chocolate flavors. Simply dip your waffle cone or bowl into the warmed up waffle cone coating and you have an amazing coated delight. It's recommended to dip the rim area of the cone/bowl so the hardened shell area doesn't melt while being held by the consumer. 


These dips can also work great with fruits as a fondue. You can also further enhance your waffle cones/bowls after the dipping process by quickly adding toppings like peanuts or sprinkles right after dipping. Below are some example of dipped and topped Waffle Cones.


Purchase Waffle Cone Coatings Here: Waffle Cone Coatings


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