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Our 4 in 1 fruit syrups are a great addition to any cafe, bubble tea shop, ice cream shop, bakery, market, or restaurant. They are real fruit puree syrups that can be used in a multitude of ways and for a variety of applications. 

What are 4 in 1 Fruit Syrups

Bossen 4 in 1 Fruit Syrups are highly delicious concentrated syrups. Our syrups use natural fruit juices and many high-quality ingredients to deliver a sweet and satisfying flavor with every drip.

The name 4 in 1 means you can use these fruit syrups for 4 different applications: juice, fruity bubble tea, slushies, and smoothies! 

Our bossen syrups are available in a variety of flavours and are gluten-free, dairy free, seafood free, nut free, caffeine free, vegan and vegetarian. 

Bossen Syrups Nutritional Facts

4 in 1 Fruit Syrup Format

4 in 1 fruit syrups are available by the 2.5 KG jar, case of 6 jars (save 10%), or a pallet of 60 cases (save 25%). 

100 servings per container (1 oz serving size). 

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Storage & Care

  • Shake well before use.
  • Avoid excessive heat or moisture.
  • Avoid constant exposure to light.
  • Best Before date as marked on the package.

How to Use 4 in 1 Fruit Syrups (Recipes) 

All recipes are for 16 oz beverages or as stated in the instructions. 

Create Fruit Juices

In a Shaker Cup: Add 2 oz of your choice of Fruit Syrup + 1 oz of Fructose + 7 oz cold water and stir until dissolved. Add ice into the shaker cup until full and shake well. Pour into cup and enjoy or serve to the customer. 

Create Flavoured Fruit Tea

In a Shaker Cup: Add 2 oz of your choice of Fruit Syrup + 7 oz sugar free tea + Fructose (optional, to taste) + 7 oz of ice. Shake well and pour into cup and enjoy or serve to the customer. (For fruity bubble tea, serve in a cup with 1 oz of tapioca pearls or popping boba at the base). 

Create Fruit Slush

In a Blender: Add 3 oz of your choice of Fruit Syrup + 2 oz of water + 16 oz ice, blend well and enjoy or serve to the customer. 

In a Slush Machine: (Create amazing fruit slush or fruit smoothies): Mix your choice of Fruit Syrup with water at a 1 to 5 ratio for premium fruit slush or mix it with your choice of milk at a 1 to 5 ratio for awesome fruit smoothies on-demand. Make the fruit smoothies Vegan by using alternative milk or make these rich dairy smoothies by using dairy milk.

Create Fruit Smoothies

In a Blender: Add 3 oz of your choice of Fruit Syrup + 3 oz whole milk + 16 oz ice and blend until smooth. 

Create Sparkling Refreshers/Quenchers

In a Shaker Cup: Add 2 oz of your choice of Fruit Syrup + 12 oz of Sparkling Water, stir really well and pour over a cup with ice. Optional: enhance the refresher with popping boba

Toppings for Ice Cream, Shaved Ice, Frozen Yogurt & Desserts

Pour your choice of Fruit Syrup over shaved ice, ice cream, frozen yogurt, or any dessert to add colour, texture and taste. We recommend adding 8 oz. of syrup to every one gallon of plain frozen yogurt. For topping, dosage is as required. 


Our 4 in 1 fruit syrups offer unmatched versatility and quality for any café, restaurant, or home kitchen. With natural ingredients and a variety of flavors, these syrups are perfect for creating delicious juices, fruity bubble teas, slushies, sparkling refreshers, and nutritious smoothies. Plus, their dietary inclusivity ensures that everyone can enjoy them. By incorporating these syrups into your menu, you can easily enhance your offerings and delight your customers with new and exciting options. Try them today and experience the difference!

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