Monin Syrups and Purees

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What started over a century ago in a small town in France has become a global reputation for quality.

Monin continues to innovate and bring incredible flavours to kitchens, coffeehouses, restaurants and bars around the world.



To be the trusted Brand of Choice, providing creative Beverage and Culinary flavour solutions that make our customers successful.


We have passion and commitment to quality and never compromise our standards.

We strive to exceed customer expectations, answering “Yes” whenever possible.

We facilitate professional and personal development, maintaining a safe work environment that rewards teamwork.

We encourage a sense of urgency but require careful thought and safety in everything we do.

We believe in being personally responsible and accountable to each other.

We are dedicated to environmental and social responsibility.

We have pride in our history but continually encourage innovation by all team members.

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29 products
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