Steam and hot water machine

Steam and hot water machine

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  • Good for heating beverages without thermal barrels and also keeps flavor.
  • Heating is more convenient compare to microwave and gas stove, quick and sanitary.
  • Artistic appearance with a compact size that body that is convenient bar counter arrangement.
  • The heating speed is very fast.
  • The steam tube can be heated continuously; waiting for refilling is needless.
  • Boil water can be supplied continuously up to 3000 C.C.
  • Patent electronic safety water level system which controlled boiler water level automatically with unique warning function for high and low water level.
  • Two stages heater and heating indicator light.
  • Automatic water feeding.


  • 1 Steam + 1 hot water
  • Boiler:12.5 Lt.
  • Heater:3000 W
  • Voltage:220V or 240V 50/60 Hz
  • Size:32 cm* 44 cm* 62 cm‭(‬W*D*H‭)‬

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