Fun Foods Canada's Foodservice Equipment Buying Bonus - We Go The Extra Mile!

More Value. More Savings. More Benefits with Fun Foods Canada

We go the extra mile for you with our Foodservice Equipment Buying Bonus

Doing more than what’s expected, offering extra value by going the extra mile even when no one else in the marketplace is willing to do so, giving it our 110%… these are all things which create great Karma for ourselves and which help our valued customers to fulfill their great Ambitions and Dreams.

We put some space between us and our competition. An extra mile is a good start as it's never crowded along the extra mile!

When you buy equipment (any foodservice equipment valued at CAN $12,000 or more) from Fun Foods Canada, you automatically become a Charter Member of our brand new upcoming Fun Foods Canada's Plus program giving you tons of unique ongoing value, special benefits and exclusive perks like an additional year of warranty at no extra charge.  

Minimize Risks & Increase Your Profits: Avoid These 4 Common Mistakes When Buying Foodservice Equipment!

(1) “Don’t make the mistake of going in alone and unprepared. Going in alone and unprepared is a recipe for disaster. You make one mistake and you are going to jeopardize the success of your entire business.”

(2) “Don’t make the mistake of buying cheap, junk foodservice equipment that offer no support and parts. Buy once. Buy quality. Get value”

(3) “Don’t make the mistake of under or over buying restaurant equipment with either too little or too much output/capacity for your restaurant needs”

(4) “Don’t make the mistake of spending tons of monies on equipment that will deplete your cash flow rather use creative financing ways and pay for the equipment by generating profits and recurring ROI....Save Your Cash as much as possible"