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Exploring Unique Sundae Ideas

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                                Doing More With the "Sundae" 

     Sundaes are the universal classic frozen dessert treat. Many places around the world have their own frozen dessert topped off with hard toppings and sauces. Whether its gelato, frozen custard, hard scooped or soft serve ice cream, sundaes can give your product that extra premium feel to it.

     Although sundaes are amazing, they can get aesthetically boring really quickly, especially if you are a big ice cream consumer. The taste will always be good, but it just loses its "premium" feel to it when every store serves the exact same sundaes. (The classic vanilla ice cream with either chocolate, strawberry or caramel syrup/sauce/fudge )

              Make your menu stand out with these awesome sundae ideas! 

1. Campfire Sundae - A great menu option in the Winter. Vanilla base ice cream, with pumps of chocolate syrup. (not hot fudge, you will see why) Add on your toppings of marshmallows and graham cracker. Using a food safe torch, lightly toast the top of marshmallows to give it that roasted flavor to it, much like the classic campfire treat, smores. It is important to not use hot fudge as it melts ice cream quicker, and you are also heating the product with a torch, which will slightly melt parts of the ice cream already. We also carry Marshmallow flavor if you want to flavor the base ice cream as well. Below is a photo of a Campfire Sundae.



2. Chocolate Lovers Sundae - Like the name suggests, this is a great choice for fans of chocolate. Start with chocolate base ice cream, add in a warm brownie with hot fudge to top it all off. Simple yet effective. 

3. Pancake Sundae - One of the more unique but delicious sundaes on the list. Before we get into this one, it is best if you have a poffertjes machine to make this sundae. Poffertjes are mini dutch pancakes that are amazing looking and very appealing to consumers. Now, back to the sundae, start with a vanilla base and serve with powder sugared poffertjes. From here you can get creative and add many kinds of syrups depending on the consumers choice. Pancake (poffertjes) sundaes are incredibly versatile much like pancakes by themselves and can be topped with fruit, sweets, pancake syrup, fruity syrups, savoury syrups and more. Below is a photo of a poffertjes machine, and a strawberry pancake (poffertjes) sundae.                                                                                             


4. Churro Sundae - The popular Mexican dessert Churro, is amazing when accompanied with ice cream. A simple and easy sundae to make, simply use vanilla or chocolate as your base ice cream, top with a churro and serve with chocolate or caramel sauce. At Fun Foods, we also carry a Frostline Churro Soft Serve Mix for Churro flavored ice cream. 

5. Tropical Fruit Sundae - Use a tropical National Flavor of your choice for the base ice cream in your sundae. Some recommended flavors we suggest are Hawaiian Coconut, Pineapple, Tutti Frutti, and Kiwi Fruit. Add on to the ice cream a syrup or topping that compliments the flavor well, and fresh fruit to accompany it. 

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