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Frozen Dessert & Cafe Supplies

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                                       Fun Food Accessories 

A major key to help keeping your store stay properly organized is to make use of different accessories. At Fun Foods we aim to carry as many helpful accessories and tools that can benefit your business. It is the simple things that can be a time saver, space saver, or help organize your products. 

            Supplies We Carry So Far (Excluding Cups, Lids, Spoons Etc.) 

Bubble Tea Scoops - These blue Bubble Tea scoops come with every order placed of dry Bubble Tea mixes. They measure out to 28grams of powder.


Mixing Buckets - Both the Dole and Frostline Mixing Buckets are pretty much an essential item when using either of the mixes. They contain mixing instructions and fill lines on the buckets and it makes it really easy to get the hang of the Soft Serve process.


Syrup & Sauce Racks - If purchasing our line of Phillips syrups and sauces, these Phillips racks are helpful for organization, especially if you are ordering more than one bottle of sauce/syrup. View Here: Racks


Syrup & Sauce Pumps - Much like the racks, these are meant for the line of Phillips syrups and sauces. These are useful in getting a portioned amount of syrup/sauce for your hot/cold beverages or dessert item. Simply remove the cap of the Phillips product and screw on the pump. You can see the attached pumps in the rack photos. View Here: Pumps


We will always be expanding our accessory product line and carrying more useful supplies. Stay tuned for future inventory updates throughout 2021. 

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