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Single Serve Novelty Ice Cream Products and Frozen Treats - DSD - Canada Distributors and Suppliers All in One Place For The Love of Ice Cream!

What is DSD (Direct Store Delivery)? 

Reduce your Single Serve Novelty Ice Cream and Frozen Treats operating costs by engaging in DSD - Direct Store Delivery – where your products travel from our freezer to yours. We work with the largest and most sought out retail chains, convenience stores, gas stations, retail stores, grocery stores, ice cream food trucks and ice cream mobile cart vending providers, special novelty ice cream events, ice cream catering vendors, experiential marketing and more. We offer DSD for hundreds of locations across Canada through our valued Canadian DSD - Direct Store Delivery Partners (Together We Sweeten Life) with premium single serve novelty ice cream products and quality service that allows each location to be fully stocked, ready to serve and generate cool profits month after month!

What are Single Serve Novelty Ice Cream Products and Frozen Treats?

Serve your customers with the best in class single serve, retail ready, novelty ice cream products and frozen treats such as ice cream bars, ice cream sandwiches, frozen fruit bars, popsicles face pops, ice cream cones, ice cream pucks, drumsticks and more as we continue to expand yearly. The brands we carry are recognized by adults and children alike all across Canada, resulting in your store/event getting the praise it deserves!

Novelty Ice Cream Delivery for Beverage Outlets Bodegas Book Stores Convenient Store Deli’s Diners Dollar Stores Donut Shops Gas Stations Gift Shops Home Improvement Locations Hotels Liquor Stores Luncheonettes Military Outlets Mini Marts Motels Pharmacies Toy Stores Travel Centers Washaterias Wellness Centers Work Out Facilities

Single Serve Ice Cream Display Freezer Cabinet Program

Create an entirely new product isle for your store by enrolling in our ice cream display freezer program! Whether you run a convenience store, a mini-mart, a candy store, an ice cream parlor, kid-friendly stores, or even a general store, an eye-catching ice cream freezer is the perfect addition to your shop and will stand out among all of your competitors in a unique, tasty way. By participating in our program, your store will get a display freezer full of the ice cream novelties that everyone will love, no matter who walks into your store. You can either choose the products that you want or let us pick from our favorite, best-sellers, stocking your new freezer with the creamiest, nuttiest, and most unique ice cream treats. The best part is that over time, you’ll be able to track your sales, determine the hottest sellers and keep stocked up on the items that bring you the biggest profit. Start making money and enroll in our in-store ice cream display freezer program today!

Free Freezer for Single Serve Novelty Ice Cream Products and Frozen Dessert Treats Canada


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