Cotton Candy Machines

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In this collection you will find our full range of commercial cotton candy machines. These machines are the same style that are found at any fair or carnival and you can find all our most popular sugar floss flavours here. Treat your customers to amazing cotton candy experiences with the cotton candy being made fresh right in front of their eyes! 

How to make a flower or heart shape cotton candy floss cones. 

  1. Turn on your cotton candy machine and let heat.
  2. Once normal operating temperature has been reached, scoop and pour your first colour/flavour sugar floss into the machine.
  3. Next, place a skewer, stick or cone over the center of the machine, as the layers of cotton candy flows out, rotate the stick and the layers of cotton candy will form around the stick.
  4. Continue to rotate until all of the floss sugar has turned into cotton candy
  5. Continue by adding a different colour/flavour of candy floss into the machine
  6. Rotate as you did before
  7. Wet a skewer or the handle of your floss scoop and carefully make indents on the outside circle of the cotton candy
  8. Add another different colour/Flavour of sugar and rotate again
  9. Make indents on the outside circle again.
  10. Done, you will have a flower or heart shape cotton candy cone
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