Hot Beverage Mixes For Your Dessert Store

                                    Speed Up Winter Business

     During the winter it can get rough for sales especially if you're in the frozen dessert business. Keep things flowing consistently by having many options on your menu for the winter time, also called a winter menu. In one of our previous blogs: Winter Ideas, we went over some amazing recipes to serve during the cold. (Including hot chocolate) It is key to mix up warm food items like hot brownies or pancakes with your frozen desserts to give the cozy/relaxed feel to your store and food. Adding a premium option to your beverages is an awesome way to gain extra revenue through each purchase. You can do this by topping your beverages with whipped cream, and adding sprinkles, marshmallows, or whatever suits the beverage in need. 


Hot Chocolate is one of the most common items that is sold during winter to keep customers coming in and out, Coffee and Tea as well. At Fun Foods, we also carry hot beverage mixes. 

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*Individual Hot Chocolate Bag

Hot Chocolate & Chai Mix 

Coffee & Tea Mix


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