Beginner's Guide to Bubble Tea

                                             Bubble Tea Guide

     Bubble Tea is always in high demand when it comes to beverages. People love to meet up together, hang out and drink bubble tea socially. Much like how people chill out and catch up with each other while drinking coffee. You may already have an idea what Bubble Tea looks like, a smoothie like drink with dark bubbles at the bottom. They are a very popular choice for consumers, especially in malls.



Traditionally Bubble Tea is made by freshly brewing different kinds of tea and using them as the base flavor for the Bubble Tea before getting sweetened. You can still brew tea in store as your base Bubble Tea flavors, but that can get very time consuming, especially if you are freshly brewing the tea. Also it is a lot harder to get flavors such as honeydew or mango into Bubble Tea form without any mix at all. At Fun Foods, we a wide assortment of Bubble Tea flavors from Coffee and Tea, to Passion fruit and Guava. 


Tapioca is what the dark bubbles at the bottom of the Bubble Teas are called. They are soft, squishy, dark brown and round shaped. Tapioca is an essential part of Bubble Tea, and is what gives the beverage its "bubbles". Tapioca Pearls can be purchased in shelf Stable, dry form by the bag, or can be made in house which can be quite inconvenient if your store doesn't specialise in only Bubble Tea.


                                               Popping Boba 

A product rising quickly in popularity in relation to Bubble Tea is Popping Boba. Popping Boba is essentially juice flavoured tapioca, except there's no tapioca starch in the ingredients. Instead, seaweed extracts are used to create the gel like outer shell to the individual pearls. They are often used as a replacement for tapioca and are typically fruit flavoured pearls such as strawberry and mango. 




                                               Coconut Jellies 

Another common Bubble Tea topping is Coconut Jellies. These are tiny chunks of coconut pieces that float around in the drink. These chunks are not round shaped and almost look like small squishy rectangles within the drink. They sometimes come tri-coloured and look visually appealing. 


*Jar of Coconut Jelly 


               Bubble Tea Cups, Lids and Individually Wrapped Straws

These are the Standard 16oz Cups and Lids:


There are also different styles of Bubble Tea cups without the lid. Instead it is a regular plastic cup that is to be used with a sealing machine to create a complete seal where the straw would penetrate, instead of a lid. 

These are the standard Bubble Tea drinking straws: 

*Regular drinking straws don't work for Bubble Tea because of the Tapioca Pearls/Popping Boba/Jellies not fitting through the opening.

Interested in some popular Bubble Tea flavors to get started? Check out our previous blog "Bubble Tea Classics". 

Purchase: Tapioca, Popping Boba, and Jellies
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Purchase: Bubble Tea Cups and Lids
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Begin serving amazing Bubble Tea for your dessert store, cafe, convenience store, conventions and more!

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