Bubble Tea Classics

Bubble Tea Classics 

Taro - known for the classic purple color, taro is one of the most iconic bubble teas. Coming from the Taro root originating in South East Asia, it is beloved for its unique flavor profile which blends sweetness with a nutty/starchy flavor that consumers get hooked on. 

Matcha Green Tea - Matcha Green Tea is a staple amongst eastern culture and is now one of the most consumed beverages in the world. With its own bubble tea mix, it is a must have for bubble tea stores. 

Honeydew - one of the most refreshing and sweet bubble teas we carry, honeydew is a great choice for first time bubble tea consumers, and is still enjoyed by the most seasoned bubble tea connoisseurs

Black Milk Tea - The best choice for fans of classic black tea! A very familiar taste except creamier and sweeter than normal. 

Strawberry - Much like honeydew, strawberry is another familiar flavor that is great for first time bubble tea consumers!

Lychee - Lychee provides the tropical balance you need with your bubble tea flavors. Sometimes its good to get a little exotic. 

Coconut - while not too sweet, and not too overpowering of a flavor, coconut is the perfect bubble tea choice for those who prefer a nutty, mild, cold beverage.

Chai Tea - the classic black milk tea with a blend of spices such as cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper and more to create a special aromatic chai tea. This is an excellent option for people looking to explore their pallette 

Red Bean - Like Taro, Red Bean is another fan favorite amongst the bubble tea community. Red Bean is also a very popular ice cream flavor in   South East Asia. It is one of the more mild and earthy flavored teas as it is an acquired taste. Not ideal for beginners, but a must have for bubble tea fanatics. 

Thai Tea - As the name implies this type of tea is home to Thailand and known for its signature orange color and its sweet taste. Thai Tea, is much like Chai Tea, in the sense that they both contain a wide variety of spices to brew something totally unique. It is the more sweet option out of the two, and more beginner friendly. 

Honorable mentions: mango, piña coloda, watermelon 

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